Running with anxiety

The first time I attempted to run was when I was probably around 14/15, I probably made it 800m before I was about to pass out. I never ran again until my 20s. There was no motivation in me to do it.

It wasn't until I hit about 23 that things got full on with life and I actually started experiencing really bad anxiety, to the point where I quit my job and had nothing to do.

So I read about the benefits of exercise and started to run. I would run just about every day and as much as my anxiety was painful it was the only thing that made me get out there and run, gave me that motivation I never had.

Again I couldn't run more then 800 meters! But I improved quite fast, it wasn't long before I could run out 5kms in less than 30 minutes.

More to the point though it definitely helped me with my health, after running out 5km you definitely have little trouble falling asleep, I could relax and think with improved clarity. I had a sense of achievement when I pushed it out and ran without giving up, built mental strength and of course I got into shape ! 

Sure running here and there can improve your short term well being, but it is when you incorporate it into your lifestyle that it has a long term effect. Mentally and physically the benefits are there, getting out and going for a run is the easiest thing you can do and all you need are a pair of decent runners !

Alec Nikolic, Airport West, Victoria

21km Flying Brick Bellarine Sunset Run 2017 entrant.