Running inspires my family more than my drinking ever could

My story began in December 2013 when life wasn't so great. From the outside looking in you wouldn't have know it , but inside looking out things where different. I have always had the support of a loving family but beer was fast becoming my best friend.

On December 31st 2013 we had planned as a family to go into the fireworks in Geelong and I was going to drive, but after spending the day drinking with friends I knew that wasn't going to happen. I said to my wife I was unable to drive into town and she would have to do the driving. She just said ok but the look of shear disappointment on
her face said it all. I knew from that day on I had to change, for my family, for me but most of all my health after hitting 110kg.

I started 2014 in a different frame of mind. No alcohol for 12 months and getting fit was in order. I started by riding my bike and entered Around the Bay in a Day. Then saw a ad in the paper looking for runners to run for Rivers Gift at the Great ocean Road marathon. I disliked running but thought it would be a great mental challenge so I
signed up for the 14km. After training hard for weeks with the Rivers Gift crew the day came and fair to say I was hooked. 18 months later I ran the 100km Surf Coast Century minus 37kg and 1 half marathon and 3 marathons under my belt.

Life is much better now, I am healthy and have inspired many to get healthy.  THe people I have inspired most is my family who enjoy running shorter distances with me, except my daughter Chelsea who said as I crossed the finish line of the Surf Coast Century, "One day Dad, I will run this with you."  A tear moment right there as it will be the day we cross the line of her first half marathon at age 11 in Feb 2017 at the Flying Brick Bellarine Sunset Run.

Glen Wilkins, Lethbridge, Victoria.

10km Flying Brick Sunset Run 2016, 21km Flying Brick Bellarine Sunset Run entrant (with his 11 yo daughter Chelsea)