Walking with my son to tackle his anxiety

I will be walking the event next year with my 11 year old son. It will be our first 'run' as we are planning on doing some through the year and beyond as a fitness thing.

Also my son Scotty has an issue with anxiety especially going to school. We are all working hard to give him confidence in himself - so as to beat this anxiety. Scotty is a natural sportsman who excels at all sports but his anxiety can hold him back. We feel that by completing events like this one will help boost his confidence out and about and help him shine as the natural athlete that he is.

Everyone says that sports is where Scotty will exceed - so maybe this first event will be the first stepping stone.

Julie Barns, Strathbogie, Victoria

4km Walk for head space, as part of the Flying Brick Bellarine Sunset Run 2017, with her son Scotty.