I run to be able to play with my kids

About 20 years ago I was about 100kgs and struggled to run around the oval let alone a half marathon, slowly I got myself reasonably fit but then put on some kilos again and weighed about 85kgs 13 years again.

After having our first boy and were pregnant with the second, I thought it was time to start setting a good example to my kids and be able to be healthy enough to play around with them for a long time. I slowly started to build up my running and started eating a lot healthier and I started to see the rewards, I started doing some small fun runs and doing bootcamps about 3 years ago and I haven't looked back.

The 2016 Flying Brick Bellarine Sunset Run was my first actual half marathon and I loved it, since then I have built my training up to being able to do between 50 & 60kms a week running plus numerous other training sessions.

Next year I have some big plans including Buffalo Stampede 42km & the Surfcoast Century 50km, the Sunset Run will be part of my training for that and also to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the run through the caravan parks along the way.

My wife & son will be doing the 10km one as well, at the end of the day all I am trying to do is set the best standard for my family to follow which I didn't really have as a child.

Dion & Lib, you have set up a really great event and I hope it continues on for many years, the course itself isn’t too difficult (although is the weather isn’t as good as last year it may be different) but the location, atmosphere & family friendly feel was awesome.

Tim Henry, St Albans Park, Victoria.

10km Flying Brick Sunset Run 2016, 21km Flying Brick Bellarine Sunset Run entrant